From a young age, I have always been fascinated by the camera. After a high school course in audiovisual production, I soon found my passion for cinematography. In 2018 I started my studies at the Royal Institute for Theater Cinema and Sound in Brussels where I learned more about the profession and was able to experiment and develop an authentic vision. 
When I look at myself, but also at what I want to shoot, the right word is: ‘divers’. I have always been inspired by creators who have proven to be able to shoot all types of film and be very fluid with their style. Personally, I believe it is the cinematographers duty to do so. A cinematographer adapts to his or her project in service of the 'story'. Meaning that the cinematographer brings his or her ingenuity and creativity to enhance ‘story'. Therefore, a great inspiration and influence for me is Darius Khondji. But I am also greatly inspired by cinematographers like: Sean Bobbitt, Gordon Willis, Vittorio Storaro, Emmanuel 'Chivo' Lubezki, Hoyte van Hoytema and Robby Müller
For the future I hope to shoot a wide array of films. Films based on reality appeal to me enormously but also creative and new narratives that explore the limits of our medium. Nothing is too crazy for me. From a war film to a historical costume drama to a science fiction or a contemporary slice of life film that shines light on the smallest details of life. It is all appealing to me because I love the process of storytelling. My ultimate goal is to be part of collaborations that inspire me and that feel the same drive to tell new stories that move people. 
Thank you! I'll get in touch soon!
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